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etsy love: tala stone

One of my guily pleasures these days browsing the pages of etsy, a platform for handicrafters and do it yourselfers alike to showcase and sell their works of art. I usually start off by searching for something like “geometric pattern pillows”, “tiny gold necklace”, or maybe “handpainted bowl”… then I see where etsy takes me from there. (Usually it’s a magical place full of inspiration and many “I can totally make that” moments.) I stumbled upon Tala Stone the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find so many unique pieces that really spoke to me. The shark tooth on the top right was yelling the loudest… even after I had left the page I could still hear it. So I went back and bought it.  It seems appropriate that I should own this necklaces as sharks are probably my biggest fear out of all fears that ever existed. So I will wear it’s tooth around my neck to show other sharks how tough I am when they come around… there’s no way they would mess with me after seeing that.

Anyway, check out Tala Stone… she does amazing work and I applaud her for her unique-ness. I am so excited to be receiving my shark tooth in the mail very soon!

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