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… the land of milk and honeymoons …

I was dressed in my swim suit and beach cover up when we rode our little scooter up, up, up to see the Big Buddha. They asked me to wear this shawl and a skirt to cover my shoulders and knees.

I am pretty sure the everyday scootering tour was Clay’s favorite part of the trip. We rented it for about 5 dollars a day and toured the island everyday… each day going a little further, exploring temples, street fairs, and new beach towns.

It rained the last 3 days of our trip… constantly. We had no idea it was monsoon season in Thailand. Oops.

Monkey Island, Phi Phi Island, Thailand.
When the tide is low you can walk up onto the sand and the monkeys will jump and play with you… this would have been my heaven! Unfortunately, we had to watch them from afar. It was such an awesome sight!

Clay’s dinner.

Coming to shore on Phi Phi Island

Dragon fruit was given to us after almost every meal as “dessert”. Clay wasn’t a huge fan. But isn’t it beautiful!?

It’s been about 2 months since we got back from our honeymoon. But we are just starting to get our pictures, (and everything else in life), in order. We have hundreds of pictures, and videos (mostly video) from the trip. Thought I would share a few with you! Mom, this is mostly for you! We never got to go through them when we came to St. George! I will try to post the kissing elephant video. Clay and I were in LOVE with the elephant. I didn’t want to leave her!

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