j.crew’s fall collection… and my silly hobbies


I stroll into J.Crew at least once a week, sometimes more. They always greet me with a friendly “Hi Lauren, how’s your day going?” (Yes, they know my name, and I am tremendously embarrassed by that, especially because I never buy a thing.) I usually try to sneak in and browse the sidelines without anyone noticing me. I continued with my weekly ritual yesterday, journeying 4 blocks to J.Crew on my lunch break and was once again blown away. The gorgeous colors, prints, and attention to tiny applique details was just too much for me to handle; oh, and their famous cashmere sweaters! I wandered the store, touching everything, holding things up in the mirror, and trying on shoes, pretending that maybe this time I will splurge and buy these $240 dollar wedge boots. It’s fun to pretend. Good job J.Crew, I believe that you win the award for most fun, everyday festive, and wearable fall collection of all time. And if I could take home every piece that you ever made, I would. Thank you J.Crew, for providing me with inspiration and a break from my daily work routine. And thank you to everyone at the City Creek J.Crew for not judging me for coming in all too often, and humoring my silly hobbies. I love you all. And I love you, J.Crew.

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