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I have always thought of myself as a DIYer. But as of late, the thought of spending money on fabrics, paint, wooden dowels, and safety pins sounds expensive and exhausting. Where has my passion for homemade goodness gone?
Lately my idea of the perfect DIY project is printing pictures from the internet and framing them. Not much inspiration or creativity there. I think Pinterest may be the culprit for my lack of enthusism of DIY projects. I am bombarded by thousands of brilliant DIY projects everyday that my DIY inspiration is on overdrive. It may also be that everything I try to DIY has already been done… but a million times better than I ever could, hence frustration sets in.
So, after figuring that maybe I am not the best of the DIYers, I am going to stick to the easiest of DIYs. Potted plants. And yes I consider this a little DIY project. I had to pick out the pots, put gravel in the bottom, and choose the plants with care. There was a small amount of creativity involved. So there you have it. An easy DIY, so that I can still feel crafty without the burden of being overwhelmed or uninspired.

Pots: Ikea ** .49 cents (yes, cents.)
Rocks in pots: Ikea ** .89 cents
Plants: Ikea ** 1.99-5.99

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